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Classic Caramel Top Cheesecake


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Cake Size:
  • 9 inch
  • 7 inch

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Caramel is literally the icing on this cake. This caramel cheesecake starts with our regular cheesecake as its base. Of course, our cheesecake is far from regular. It’s made with the best quality ingredients and is baked in ideal conditions. It’s creamy and practically melts in your mouth with the perfect combination of a crumbly crust and the smoothness of the cake.  

Warm, ooey-gooey, delicious caramel is then poured over the top of this confection,  adding to the decadence of this delightful dessert. This is the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, where the cheesecake actually cuts the sweetness. This cake has a  smooth texture with the exception of the graham cracker crust.  

At just seven inches wide, you can share it with a friend or two, though may not want to!  This cake also makes a great gift for the caramel-lover in your life. Our caramel cheesecake is worth taking the time to eat!

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Cake Size

9 inch, 7 inch




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