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Original Caramel Rosette Cheesecake

Original Caramel Rosette Cheesecake

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If you love our caramel cheesecake, but it’s not sweet enough for you, our caramel rosette cheesecake is the way to go! The elegant rosettes are fancy enough to impress anyone, you serve this cheesecake to. This refined and graceful design also makes this a nice gift for anyone that you want to dazzle.  

Our caramel rosette cheesecake is not just our delicious recipe full of the tastiness that comes from using the best ingredients, but the rosettes add something a little extra special. It’s guaranteed to make any gathering memorable.  

The thick layer of those caramel rosettes will intensify the sweetness of your cheesecake experience into an all-out flavor-fest of sugary goodness in your mouth.  They taste even better than they look!  

These seven-inch deserts will add that special something to any company. The thick layer of caramel topping an already delicious cheesecake is almost too heavenly to handle. We suspect that somehow you will manage it though!

Kosher Certifications

All Lilac & Creme products are certified under the following three organizations assuring the highest level of Kashrut. Kof-K, KCL - Kashrus Council of Lakewood NJ, Bet Din of Tartikov.


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