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New York Style Premium - Sugar Free Topped


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Cake Size:
  • 9 inch
  • 7 inch

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Do you suffer from having a sweet tooth, but you either can’t or shouldn’t consume sugar? This cheesecake is for you! This lower-calorie option is amazing in its decadence. We use only the best and healthiest alternatives for sugar in this cake.  Everyone who has had our sugar-free option is amazed at its flavor. This is an indulgence that you can feel good about!  

This seven-inch cake is a great gift for the diabetic or fitness buff in your life. It allows them to have a little extravagance without adding a lot to their waistline. Or maybe you are looking for something a little lighter on the calories for yourself. A small piece here and there makes a great reward for a healthy lifestyle!  

Even so, just to taste this delightful confection, you would have no idea that it’s sugar-free! We take pride in making a great cheesecake, even without using sugar. Tasting is believing.

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Cake Size

9 inch, 7 inch




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