About Us

The Lilac & Crème story is actually quite simple, and the secret of our success is really not a secret at all.

It all began at a joyous engagement party. Friends, neighbors, and relatives had each brought their favorite desserts and confections to adorn the sweet table. As it happened, one sister-in-law contributed two carefully prepared and adorned cheesecakes.

They didn't last long.

Suffice it to say that those two hapless cheesecakes were shamelessly demolished down to their very last crumbs. Diets notwithstanding, the hearts and taste buds of the guests were captivated by those rich, creamy slices of heaven. As the compliments poured in, the inspiration for Lilac & Crème began to take shape.

Since that humble beginning, Lilac & Crème has grown quite a bit. Buyers turned into fans, and fans turned into Lilac cheesecake addicts. From coast to coast, Lilac & Crème admirers marvel at the delectable taste, homemade flair, and fine natural ingredients of every Lilac & Crème cheesecake. Lilac & Crème delights the palates of countless cheesecake lovers, with a mouthwatering array of cheesecake varieties.

Nowadays, a bite of Lilac & Crème’s award-winning cheesecake is merely a day away, whether you're in the East or the West (or anywhere in between). Nevertheless, our goal remains the same as it was on that very first day: to share the joy of cheesecake artistry, one cake at a time.

We look forward to serving you!

The Team here at Lilac & Crème

All products are certified Kosher